Meet Tuxedo Stanley's Extended Family

Hello loyal fans, Tuxedo Stanley here again.

I call this my Sphinx pose. Feel free to bask in my glow.

Stanley Sphinx pose

You may be shocked to hear we share Catopia with two lower beings called dogs. We consider them entertainment.

The brown one is Barks Very Loud and the white one is Fletcher.

Kiana and Fletcher

Barks very loud is very proud of her voice. I prefer purring - it's easier on the ears.

Kiana barking

I like to share the big chair with her when she’s sleepy. Unfortunately she snores loudly too.

Stanley and Kiana on chair

Winnie and Barks Very Loud are the oldest creatures in Catopia. Winnie is a LOT quieter!

Sometimes they lie on the bench together but it's risky because Barks Very Loud can be gassy.

Winnie and Kiana on bench

Fletcher wants to be one of us. This is his version of a Sphinx pose.

Fletcher with paws tucked in

Here he is sharing a sunbeam with Louise. She turned her head away because she says he smells doggy.

Louise and Fletcher on the bed

Earl tried to show Fletcher how to sharpen his claws but he just couldn’t get the hang of it.

Earl and Fletcher

Fletcher likes to eat cat kibble that falls on the lawn. I drop a few pieces for him when I’m not too hungry.

He eats other things we leave behind...AND I DON'T MEAN FOOD!!!

Fletcher below cat tree

Fletcher isn’t allowed to eat off our indoor plates. He gets very stressed about this.

He calls this his “starving puppy” pose.

Fletcher beside plate

Excuse me while I wash away a tear.

Now what's he up to??? Oh no, the cat tree is going to smell like dog butt!!!

Fletcher sitting on cat tree

Maybe we’ll make him an honourary cat because he tries so hard!

That's all for this week. See you next week!


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  1. You make a very handsome Sphinx, Stan; perhaps indicating your monumental patience in tolerating the lower beings? :)

    Posted By: Julia H.: | Oct 28, 2011 at 10:04 AM

  2. Hi there Stanley, still as handsome as ever I see :-) Excuse my "tardiness" in replying this week...we humans do have to work...basically to support our furry family at home. Trust me, mine "wants" for nothing either. Contrast to "popular" beliefs...cats and dogs can indeed live in harmony, in fact, love each other. ( except for the gassy part...) My Dakota loves his kitties, he even has a favourite. (but don't tell the others)
    Thanks again for the smiles Stan, you made TGIF even better!


    Posted By: Cathy Morash: | Oct 28, 2011 at 12:12 PM

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